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Our experienced Solicitors can advise on Partnership Agreements and Disputes

Quite a number of family businesses are run as Partnerships. It is important for any Partnership to have a Partnership Agreement in place, which will provide for what is to happen in the event of the death or retirement of one of the Partners and expensive disputes can often be avoided and if there is a pre-existing agreement in place in the form of a Partnership Agreement.

Our solicitors are experienced in drafting such Agreements, advising on the implications of the Partnership Act 1890 and can help you to formalise the approach for your business.

If a dispute does arise in relation to the Partnership, we can assist with resolving the issue and work alongside you to achieve the best possible outcome in the quickest and most cost-effective way. Often Mediation is a suitable way of dealing with a Partnership dispute and can keep costs to a minimum. However, if the issue can’t be resolved by Mediation or by agreement, our Solicitors can guide you through the process to bring an action in the High Court.

We have dealt with many Partnership disputes for all types of businesses. If you need guidance in preparing a Partnership Agreement or have issues with your Partnership that you need assistance with, please get in touch with one of our specialist Solicitors.

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