Personal injury

If you suffered an accident or personal injury that was not your fault, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim. At CMG Cunningham Dickey Solicitors, Belfast and Bangor, we can help you work out whether you have a claim and our experienced lawyers will make the claim process as simple and easy to understand as possible.

How we will help you

We know that people can find legal claims stressful, particularly if you are suffering from an illness or injury. We will try and make the process simple for you and provide answers to common questions such as "Can I claim?", "What are that chances that I might win?" and "How much compensation might I get?".

What type of claim do you have?

At CMG Cunningham Dickey our solicitors will be able to advise you about claiming compensation for your accident or illness. Use the menu below to choose the type of claim you would like to make:

  • Accidents in public places

    If you are injured in a public place you may be entitled to compensation. A public place can be a shop, pub, a sports arena, cinema, school, supermarket, shopping centre, gym, bank and council owned property such as public footpaths, parks, libraries or indeed anywhere to which the public have access.

    If the person or body responsible for that area has failed in their duty to you, this could be evidenced by a failure to maintain or repair. Such accidents could include, but are not restricted to the following examples namely:

    • Tripping over in a street
    • Tripping or slipping in a shop or supermarket
    • Injury caused at public gatherings
    • Sporting accidents
    • Accidents on Public Transport
    • Accidents in school
    • Accidents at Funfairs and amusement parks
    • Accidents involving lifts and escalators
    • Accidents on another persons property
    • Injury as a result of an unsafe product designed, manufactured, sold, and / or furnished by another person or company
    • Food poisoning

  • Accidents at work

    Whilst employers are obliged to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to avoid accidents or injury in the workplace, sadly thousands of accidents still occur each year.

    As with any other compensation claim, if you are injured in work it is necessary for you to prove that your injury, illness or disease was caused as the result of the negligence of your employer. We will assist you in compiling evidence and presenting it to your employer and/or their insurer.

    Compensation claims for accidents at work can be quite complex and, while some are settled within a matter of months, others can take years to pursue through the Courts simply because the evidence is difficult to obtain or injuries have not yet settled down or improved sufficiently. It is extremely important, in dealing with personal injury claims, that they are settled or disposed of by Court proceedings only when a clear medical picture of the consequences of the accident can be obtained.

    It is the duty of all employers to protect their employees, contractors and visitors from accident and injury. Your employer is also under a legal obligation to carry proper insurance to cover you in the event that accidents or injuries do occur.

    As an example, your employer is responsible to protect you as follows namely:

    • To provide you with the necessary machinery and tools to complete your job.
    • To ensure that machines and tools provided to you are maintained in a safe condition.
    • To ensure that your workplace is kept in a safe and tidy condition.
    • To provide you with suitable work stations and chairs.
    • To ensure that the floor and corridors shall be clean and free from hazards.
    • to ensure that doors and gates are not obstructed.
    • If you are required to lift heavy objects, to ensure that you receive proper training to show you how to do this in a safe manner.
    • To provide any appropriate safety clothing and other equipment necessary to enable you to complete your job such as goggles, ear defenders, dust masks, hard hats, safety gloves, safety boots, or high visibility jackets.

    If you have been involved in a workplace accident and suffered a workplace injury, illness or disease, you should contact us for expert advice on how to pursue a claim against your employer.

    Here are some examples of workplace accidents, but since since your employer is responsible for looking after your safety, these are examples only. You should contact us for advice in relation to any employment related injury:

    • Trip, slip or fall in your workplace.
    • Office accidents which include matters relating to inadequate work stations and seating arrangements, tripping over cable or obstacles on the floor, slipping on worn or broken steps, injuries from lifting.
    • Factory accidents which can include slipping or tripping on factory floors, tripping hazards, trailing cables, injuries from moving parts of machinery, injuries caused by your employers failure to provide appropriate safety equipment.
    • Industrial deafness.
    • Forklift Truck accidents.
    • Chemical spills.
    • Falling machinery.
    • Asbestosis

    We also act on behalf of employers who are defending personal injury claims arising out of accidents at work.

  • Road traffic accidents

    We can act for individuals and insurance companies in dealing with claims arising out of road traffic accidents.

    Most of us, at one stage in our lives, have either been involved or known someone close to us who has been involved in a road traffic accident. It is an unfortunate but very real part of every day life.

    Whether you are at fault or whether you are the innocent party in the matter, we can help. We will, in all cases, try to negotiate a settlement and aim at making what can be a traumatic experience, as painless as possible.

  • Medical negligence

    At CMG Cunningham Dickey Solicitors, Northern Ireland, we can offer advice to individuals who have suffered injury because of negligence whilst under the care of the medical professions who include doctors, nurses, other medical professionals and dentists.

    • Misdiagnosis of a condition, which may lead to delayed treatment and a poorer chance of recovery.
    • Negligence whilst carrying out a medical procedure or operation.
    • Injury or illness caused by prescribing the wrong dosages of medicines.
    • Infections caused by poor standards of hygiene whilst in a hospital or a surgery.

  • Holiday accidents

    Tourists who suffer from an accident, personal injury or even food poisoning whilst on holiday can sue UK Tour Operators in the UK instead of their airline, cruise ship or foreign hotel, provided that the holiday was part of a package which includes travel and accommodation. This applies to holidays booked and paid for through a travel agent or tour operator in the United kingdom.

    Even if the accident, illness or food poisoning happened on a holiday which is not part of a package holiday, it is still possible to claim compensation.

    If yo have been a victim of a holiday accident, illness or sickness, contact CMG Cunningham Dickey Solicitors to enable us to review your claim and provide you with clear advice on the prospects of succeeding, even if you feel that you may be partly to blame. The prospect of taking a holiday claim can appear quite frightening and troublesome and only by contacting us will you put your mind at rest as to whether you have a viable claim.

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